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In September 2008  Academy Psychopunkture and Eastern Medicine, "Yin and Yang" began correspondence course on the basics of Oriental Medicine.

All post offices of Russia conduct a subscription to the "newspaper " Yin and Yang "Eastern, Western and Traditional Methods of Prevention and Treatment."
This is the only Russian newspaper which reports these treatments, paying great attention to Chinese, Korean, Indian, Tibetan and other  branches of Eastern Medicine


Print version
Distance Learning on Chinese medicine

On September 1, 2008 the first in Europe, The International Academy of  Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Psychopunkture "Yin and Yang" as well as Medical Center, "Yin and Yang"
started by correspondence (distance) learning on the basic course of the Eastern (Chinese and Korean) Medicine

Who is this course for:

For physicians of all specialties, including acupuncturists.
For psychologists and psychotherapists.
For massage therapists.
For healers.
For those involved in martial arts, qigong, Tai Chi, etc.

For all those interested in health issues.


Main (basic) course is for one year.

Listeners who can not cope with the program for the year will be recognized over a longer period, but not more than 2 years.

Training Manager
EANS academician, Professor E. Glickman


June 13, 2012 the Council of the International Academy of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Psychopunkture "Yin and Yang" and the Department of Distance Learning examined the question of continuing distance education in 2012 - 2013. and made the decision in response to numerous requests to start another reception in the base rate, the second, third and fourth years, a course on-Sutszi Chimsur therapy and research, as well as a course on homeopathy and oriental medicine from September 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012.
The opportunity to start training until September 1.

ORDER N 137 Ministry of Education
on May 6, 2005

Distance learning technologies
From the Academy and Medical Center "Yin and Yang" Statement
New Course: education program Sutszi-Chimsur therapy

Course "Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine"


How we do the training

How to apply  for correspondence courses

Interview with Professor E. Glickman about distance learning

Q & A about training


Contract for distance learning

For listeners (open page)
Courses and Programs

A sample agenda for the first (basic) course

A sample agenda for a second year of training

Microacupunkture systems Second Course Extension

Training program on herbal medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition and aromatherapy

Sutszi-Chimsur Therapy Program

Homeopathy and Oriental Medicine Course

Reviews Training

Reviews of the First (base) Year Graduates.

Reviews Second Year (Medical) course Graduates.

Reviews for 3year  Course on Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and Nutrition Graduates, and for all 3 courses


We receive many letters from doctors, healers and simply those who wish to be trained in Chinese and Oriental medicine with questions about the possibility of a full-time and part-time training at our Academy.

Here are excerpts from several letters of one of these doctors -  Acupuncture Physician.

"I send you a letter prompted the fact that our acupuncture  is only called “acupuncture”, but in reality  it does not provide knowledge and skills to treat people,.

My colleague, who is also an acupuncture physician, was sick with asthma. He was treated for a long time, and was in a hospital at the beginning of the last year Later he was treated at a clinic in Shanghai China. After that  he feels quite well. In Shanghai, he saw what the real acupuncture means. I have experienced it myself, observed the treatments, spoke to the doctors, and came to a disappointing conclusion in regard to the education of acupuncture in our country.

I'm a doctor acupuncturist with 5 years of experience. I have reviewed your site arefully, read your article and decided to apply to your course. I want to ask your Academy to organize a full time and distance learning classes of the basics of Oriental medicine and acupuncture.

China is well aware of what and how to teach in other countries, especially in Russia. To send our doctors to learn to China  is very expensive.

I was trained in Moscow on acupuncture and after training realized that the knowledge that we were given was not enough to treat patients. We have read the theory, and then wrote down recipes of points  and we were told to continue to learn ourselves, to gain experience.

I have read many books, but they did not answer to all my questions. Your site, your articles have helped me to look at different treatment, but unfortunately they do not teach.

From the website, I found out about you and your Academy "Yin and Yang", that you have been trained and passed the exam in acupuncture in China.Then I learn you have studied at the famous Indonesian professor Hallima Calera; you teach reflexology and more. Besides, you told me about a doctor who has heard your speech at the conference.

Apparently your level of expertise in this area is quite high.

So I want to ask you to organize at least distance learning on oriental medicine. I believe this training will be in high demand not only by doctors, but also healers and will be interesting to those who have questions about oriental medicine in general. "

Recently, a meeting of the Council of the Academy have decided to organize such a correspondence course starting September 2008.

Basic course will consist of 2 years. The plan of training you will find at the link. Besides that, we plan to introduce students to the basics of Chinese philosophy.

Osho - one of the most famous oriental doctors, scientists, philosophers, and is compared with Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha, Bodhidharma, Ramana Maharshi, Jiddu Krishnamurti. He writes about acupuncture:
"Acupuncture is an Eastern phenomenon. And when you get to the eastern science with the Western way of thinking, that will be wrong. Western approach is different: it is logical, analytical. The oriental science, in fact, not science, but art. "

"When a patient comes to the Western health care professional, the Western medical professional begins to talk, to diagnose, analyze, search, where is the disease, what is this disease and how you can cure it. He uses only one part of the mind, the rational part. He attacks the disease, he tryes to win the battle between the doctor and the disease. The patient is out of the game - the doctor does not pay attention to the patient. He starts to fight with the disease, the patient is completely abandoned.

When you come to the acupuncturist, the disease is not important, the patient is important, because it has created a patient's disease, the cause is in the patient's disease, but a symptom (emphasis added). You can change the sign - and there will be another symptom. You can beat this disease with chemicals, you can stop it to occur, but then the illness entrenched in some other place and will be even more dangerous, powerful, harmful.To deal with the next disease will be more difficult than with the first one. You can treat it with medications again, then the third disease will be more difficult. "

Most important, we believe our students learn to think  the east way, so to speak. Without changing the way of thinking it is impossible to become a good specialist of oriental medicine.

Professor Glickman conducted men ydevelopments in the field of Oriental medicine. He managed to link the eastern medicine with phytotherapy and herbal infusions, based on patterns accordingly to oriental medicine.

Similarly, he developed homeopathic remedies and created many complex homeopathic preparations. These achievments he report ed at the congress of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, and then he was elected as a full member (Academician) of the Academy.

He is actively involved in the Korean-Sutszi Chimsur therapy - a method that allows to treat many diseases using the canals on  hand (not to be confused with the Su-Jok therapy) and goes well with Chinese acupuncture.
But that's not all of it. Using Sutszi-Chimsur therapy, he noticed that many channels cross the line, hills and signs that are being actively studied in palm reading. Engaged in the study of these phenomenon, he developed a system, which allows to make impact not only on health but also on  many events in life of the patient/


One cannot relay on the ready-to-use recipies of acupuncture points only. There are many great old recipies still  in use. But human body and enviroment are constantly changing. We have to appreciate it and distinguish when we can use the old recipies and when and how to change them.

We will teach how to properly and competently prepare recipes. To simplify the selection of points of Professor E. Glickman a theory of chords. The gist of it is:many points act stronger, when combined with other points. For example, you can play the piano with one finger, but you can play chords with both hands.Professor E. Glickman has found quite a lot. Of the “chords”. Using the tabs you can learn how to  make the necessary prescriptions quickly. Just note that in addition to the chords used in the treatment of other "extrachordial" points, which are combined with the chords. This is well understood by those who studied music.

Great importance in the treatment is a needle injection technique and technique of acupressure. Unfortunately, this is really never taught, and the techniques that are described in many textbooks, are very weak. It is also well understood by musicians.   Eduard said that in China, he was asked where he learned how incert the needle. Details of the technique of  needling students will learn at the seminars. In the second semester you will be given special exercises for mastering the technique.

There are a lot of books about Oriental medicine and food.  We will talk about the individual approach to nutrition, depending on the health status and characteristics of the organism.

And a lot of other interesting topics awaits our students in the learning process.

It is known that acupuncture in Russia can be used only by specially trained doctors. But acupressure effect on the point, usage  of colored light, seeds, wormwood cigarette, heat emitters, vibrators, home KBCH emitters, special laser used for Su-Jok therapy may engage in all. Therefore, this course will be interesting and useful for almost everyone.

And finally, the last. After graduation, students will be able to more thoroughly acquainted with the work of the Centre, to observe Professor Glickman's treatment sessions. How can one achieve this will be covered in the training process.

You can get theated at the Center and get general introduction to the Center at any time.

After coplition of the training and passing the written tests, one will be given a diploma of the Academy.

Please, send all your questions about training to:

Be sure to include the subject line - distance learning. All your questions and their answers will be placed on a separate page for review of all correspondents. oznakomitsya.

How to apply for part-time (distance) learning

You must send us the completed application form and a statement as an attachment.
We will issue you an invoice.
After the payment is credited to us, the training materials will be sent together with the contract via First Class Mail.


1. The contract for distance learning  we will send with the first session materials.

2. Earlier it was announced that the course will be designed for 2 years. After the Congress of the European Academy of Natural Sciences in Hanover in June 2008 decided to seal the course and make basic materials for 1 year. For other changes and additions, please,see the training program.

3. Before you write to us and ask questions, please, read the materials relating to training. If you do not find  the answer, you are welcome to ask it via email..

4. Make sure to read the news.

Contact phone number of the medical center, "Yin and Yang"
(8162) 739-111 from 14.30 - 19.00 on weekdays from 9-11 pm on Saturdays (Greenwich time +1h)


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